2020.05.31 Brisket

I do not have any pictures of the final result. But here is what I did and this was my best brisket to date. Brisket came from Hassell cattle company.


I trimmed according to a good video I found on YouTube:

The key here was “leave the fat on”!

The cook

I went hot & fast using Kosmos recipe, including injecting. Here is a timeline plot:

The total cook time was just under 5 hours then a two hour rest in cooler.


Best brisket yet. I will never use low and slow again ( probably !) .



2020.05.03 Beef Short Ribs


I have 3# of beef short ribs from snake river farms. Going to rub with meat church holy cow. Pretty much follow the recipe from here:

Smoke at 250 with hickory for 2.5-3 hours. Transfer to foil pan with braise for about 2 hours. Crank up egg to 300 during time in foil pan. Plan to eat 6/630 pm. Be sure to rest at least 20 minutes.


I started the BGE around 1300. Set the smobot to 250. Smobot was acting up even after cleaning it. I had enough holy cow rub for all short ribs. I used duck fat for binder. Meat was on around 1410. At 1445 smotbot stopped working. Daisy would not close. Switch to fireboard and fan. All good now. Set point is now 275. Made braise liquid . I did not have carrots or celery and used 2 cups beef stock, one can beef consume and 1 can french onion. I used minced onions and garlic. around 1530. Warm in oven at 275 before adding meat.

At about 16:10, meat transferred to braise liquid in foil pan and set point to 300.

At about 1650 – meat was tender to probe. Temperature was 205-207 via thermopen. Going to rest for about 50 minutes.


You cannot go wrong with short ribs! These cooked faster than planned but that is OK. That just means they rested a bit longer before serving.

Link to time/temperature plot:


2020.04.19 Ultra Low and Slow Brisket


I picked up a prime packer at Costco. It weighed 11.5 pounds. For this cook, I decided to take the ultra low route. The idea is to cook overnight at 190-200 degrees. I trimmed the brisket (minimal) and used holy cow rub from meat church. After rub applied, I sprinkled Worcester sauce on flat. I ran out so I used soy sauce on point. Patted it down. This idea was from Harry Soo.

I got the BGE down to 200 and put the meat on around 2100 (9pm) and let it roll!

SMOBOT Time Plot.

Here is a picture taken at 0730 (Sunday). This is after 10.5 hours in the smoke. The juices ran out when I pulled the probes!


I wrapped in butcher paper at 0730 and poured in Kosmos Q brisket mop (1/2 bottle ) and 1.5 cans of beef consume soup. I set wrap in a deep foil pan to catch juices. I cranked up the BGE to 235. At 1100, the meat was around 190-195. Set BGE up to 300. At 1200 I removed from foil pan b/c meat temperature was not climbing. Set the temperature to 325. At 1310 the meat temperature hit 205+ and probes with thermopen were very tender. Put in foil pan, wrapped in two towels and into dry cooler. I will take it out around 1730 hours.

I was not happy with this cook! Meat was a bit tough. I left too much fat cap on. It was not dry, however. It was a bit spicy. The holy cow has too much pepper. I will be sticking with hot & fast from now on!


Flat Iron Steak

I cooked at 2.5 pound flat iron steak. Marinate overnight. High heat – 550+. flip every 2.5mins; make a nice cross-hatch pattern. Do not go over 125. 120-123 is idea. Took about 10-12 minutes to cook. Flat iron steak is awesome.


I used the marinade from here:


Very Low & Slow Pork Butt


I decided to make pulled port because Tops had a 7.25 pound butt in the case. We are in the middle of the COVID-19 “lock down” so I was surprised to find this. I got home around 12:00 noon and decided to cook this at 220. Yes, it would not be ‘done’ until around 2100 ( 9 pm ). Plan is to roll at 225 and NOT wrap. I used mustard binder and kosmos Q killer bee honey rub. I also posted some pictures to Instagram for #stayincookout because most of the country was in self-quarantine.

What Actually Happened

I got the BGE to 220 and put the meat on around 1345 hours. At 1515 I opened to spritz. The smobot would not close up and the temp shot quickly to 270. I did not notice the smobot malfunciton for about 20 minutes. Remvoed the smobot damper and put smokware on. It had been raining all day too. Hope I did not damage the smobot. Switch to fireboard with blower around 1600 hours.


As you can see, temperature shot up around 15:15(!)


I removed the meat around 23:20 and put in cooler. I woke up the next day and at around 0930 the meat temp was 120. You cannot serve it this low ( 140 is lowest you should serve at). I will shred later and re-heat. Probably make pizza with this.


I would never start this late for serving the same day. The idea here was to make meat to use during the week.


Two Corned Beefs and Cabbage


I cooked two corned beef briskets and smoked cabbage. Used BGE for the meat and the PBC for the cabbage.


Slather both cuts with mayo ( yes, mayo ). Season with coarse (16# mesh) pepper only. Corned beef is very saltly. Start BGE with set temp to 225. Plan to smoke for 4 hours, until IT is 130-135. Cabbage prep: cut core out, but save it. Season hole with SPG; Add 1/2 stick butter and some Worcester sauce. At about the 4 hour mark, cut potatoes and carrots.


0910 started BGE; 1010 meat on. 1315 added cabbage; At 13:40 I fired up the PBC for the cabbage. At 1500 set BGE to 300. At 1520, transfer meat to foil pans, add very warm water about 3/54 up the side of the meat. Add veggies, cover tight and return to BGE. Set BGE to 325 at this time. Two pans would not fit so I put smaller cut in oven at 290 (in the foil pan).

At 17:10 the larger cut was removed from the BGE. IT was 205-212 and super tender(!) The one in the oven was only at 199 at this time so I let it go a little longer.

Here is the SMOBOT time line plot:


The smoked cabbage was awesone! The beef and veggies were too. This is now my goto receipe for St. Patrick’s day, or any day I want corned beef and cabbage!.


Hot & Fast 10# Choice Brisket (Costco)


Start fire at 0815. Plan to maintain 315-325.

Start trim at 0845. Separate point from flat. Inject with KosmosQ reserve + water. Put meat on at 10:00 am.


  • 0815 : started fire at 0815. Set point to 325
  • 0845 : start trimming; separate point and flat. trim fat kernel. Left most of fat cap in place.
  • 1005 : meat on
  • 1035 : Rotate each piece 180 and spritz. Add Fiberboard blower to raise temperature.
  • 1105 : Spritz only
  • 11:45 : wrapped
  • 14:25 : moved to cooler. Probe “like warm butter”; 209-212 IT.
  • 17:00 : Made burnt ends out of point. Add bbq sauce and returned to BGE for 20 or so minutes


Awesome! Not much of a smoke ring but so juicy! Hot & Fast is the way to go.

Here is the time plot from the SMOBOT:


Backyard Steak Competition

I cooked two rib eye steaks to enter them in the Kosmos-Q steak competition.


Start trimming at 1500. Form into circle and tie wit butcher’s twine.

15:30: Marinade for 1 hour: 1/2 bottle kosmos brisket mop + 10 oz distilled water; 14:30: Rub with 3 kosmos rubs: cow cover, dirty bird, and Texas beef. Let sit for 1 hour. Fire up BGE at 16:30 to be ready to cook at 17:30. Get BGE to 575-625 degrees. Cook on grill grates. 1:15 second then rotate and repeat. Place a fire brick on each steak to set grill marks. Get to 100-105 degrees with grill cross hatches. Move to indirect heat and get to 120-125 and pull off into foil pan. Drizzle butter on top and cover for 10 minutes.


Do not let steaks go above 105 internal temperature when searing. The bricks made awesome grill cross hatches(!). Pull steaks from indirect when they are 125-127. Let rest for at least 10 minutes.



Mississippi Po-Boy

I followed recipe for this. Smoke a 4 pound chuck roast for 2 hours at 275 degrees. After 2 hours, transfer meat to cast iron dutch oven with 1 stick of butter, 1 package au-jus gravy mix and 1 package of ranch dressing. Return to smoker for another two hours. Looking for 212 IT but don’t cook to temperature. Probe meat. Should be like soft butter. Use hoagie rolls and provolone cheese.

16:05 Into the dutch oven with butter, au-jus mix, ranch dressing mix, onions, sweet peppers. Let her go for 2+ hours.


I used a Thermo-Pen to probe the meat. At 18:00, the probe read 212 and the meat probed like soft butter so I removed the pot. When I went to shread the meat, it did not fall apart like the video. Probably should have let it cook for another 10-15 minutes.

It was very delicious. This was easy to prepare and cook. I will do this again!


Chicken Wings JoeTisserie

Used the basket attachment for my JoeTisserie. Plan to keep BGE at 325 degrees.

I brined the jumbo wings overnight. Here is the brine recipe:

  • 1 gallon water
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup kosher salt
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons onion powder
  • 3 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 3 tablespoons pepper flakes

Cooked for about 65 minutes. BGE shot up to 350+!. It shot up while lid was open and was trying to load wings into basket. Next time, stage the basket off to the side, load the wings. Then open BGE and set basket on frame. Keep BGE lid open time under 30 seconds (!)